Healthy Skin


A uniquely luxurious polishing powder that gently cleanses and exfoliates all skin types. This ultrasoft micro-exfoliating blend removes debris and oil from pores while providing long-term hydration and anti-aging benefits. Contains a new generation of natural botanicals, enzymes and antioxidants to help skin reach a new level of radiance. Paraben free.


  • PROTEIN PEPTIDE COMPLEX significantly boosts cell regeneration and correction of uneven skin tone.
  • STABILIZED VITAMIN C offers enhanced anti-oxidants and significantly decreases dark spots.
  • BOTANICAL ENZYMES gently exfoliate dead skin cells while delivering vitamins and nutrients into the skin.




Gentle enough for daily use and perfect for all skin types this micro exfoliating powder combined with botanical brighteners, buffs away dead skin cells leaving skin smooth, illuminated and ready to absorb active ingredients in serums and repair crèmes.


Shake a small amount into wet palms and activate by rubbing hands together to form a light foam. Gently massage into skin avoiding eye area and rinse thoroughly. Use twice daily, morning and evening, on face and body.


Jennifer on Dec 08, 2015
Not only is the scent delightful but the effects are so overwhelmingly positive that I find myself using this product regularly. With it being in a powder form, you are able to control how thick or thin of a consistency you want, based on skin sensitivity and how much water you add. Whether or not you have makeup on this product gently and effectively removes not only dead skin from the outermost surface of the face but also gives you a brilliant natural glow.

Carol Stirling-Grace on Dec 01, 2015
I recently tried your exfoliant and am so pleased with the results. Being able to mix it with my cleanser is a bonus.

Joelle Murphy on Apr 27, 2015
This exfoliant is amazing! I love how I can mix it in with my cleanser that saves me a step in my skin care regime! It smells amazing and I love how I can use it on face with eczema! Thanks Image for creating an amazing product :)